Heroku makes websites faster and faster

Each website should be optimized both for Mobile devices and desktop devices. This means that we develop simultaneously two different websites for the same website that have to be updated also simultaneously if we make any changes. As you may imagine, the amount of the data for both versions of the same website (mobile & website) not to mention the case that we have a multilingual website, it is not realistic to download every single version of the website in a device and then select this one that best fits the device. 

Here comes the need of a good rooting service. Heroku is a service that offers rooting to the specific partition of the server in which is hosted the unique version that best fits the device of the user that wants to visit this website. Thanks to Heroku huge servers network and great response time, this procedure takes only ms (milliseconds) to be done.

So a website may have 130 request per second (requests are the sources that should load like images, text, animations, fonts, colors, etc.) without taking more than 1,5 seconds to load and 7 seconds for the first interaction. That’s how we also achieve better ranking on google‘s search results as google select the websites that loads faster to be on top even if the do not pay for advertising. Read more cloudflare technology at this article.

For us, the best combination is Heroku for rooting, AWS for hosting as their servers are very responsive and very fast and Cloudflare for caching and DNS that offer up to 50% faster loading time and security.

Start today your project and take advantage of all these features