In every website release we give you these extra free features. These are:

  1. 5 professional email accounts under your domain name. For example (one of these accounts is used as administrator account that the client cannot access. This service is powered by Zoho Ltd.) - this service has to get activated after your request.
  2. Up to 2000 shortened URLs under your domain name. For instance, the URL transforms to 
  3. An IBN account which gives you access to simplified data metrics from your website as well as access to other services like Update RequestCustom Email Servicelive Analytics.You can login from HERE.
  4. A live status page for your unique website.
  5. A Downtime Records live page under Vasilis Skarleas shield.
  6. An articles system for FAQs and other needs based on your website if needed. Limited number of articles and customizatio.