To request custom email for your business/organisation, please follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Login your IBN cloud account
  2. Go to menu section
  3. Select "Custom Email Service" 
  4. Wait until the page is fully loaded
  5. Scroll down until you see this: 
  6. Click at "Start" 
  7. Accept the Terms & Conditions and then click continue 
  8. Insert your "Client ID". If you don't know what's your client ID please send us a message at and ask us for your client ID. Your name and your website should be shown on this email so we can verify your identity. 
  9. Insert your Domain Name. Your domain name is actually your website address without the "www" in front of it. For example, if your website is, on the form you have to insert
  10. Now you have to select the number of main accounts that you want. We can make for you up to 5 main accounts. Each account can have unlimited aliases. ATTENTION: You have to know that if you want to have a email and an alias for this account, like, then you have to select 1 main account on this section of the form. In a second time you can set up the alias for this main account. An alias is a second email account that forwards emails on the main account. Please read more for the aliases and main accounts HERE
  11. Right down the main accounts as you want to set up according to the instructions on the cell 
  12. It's time to set up your aliases for your main accounts. If you don't want to set up any aliases, then leave it blank and move on. You have to be very detailed on how you want to be set up your aliases. The best thing to right is: 
  13. Insert your personal email that we already use to contact you. 
  14. It's important to write your phone number. During the set up process an SMS will send to your number that you have to send immediately to us, so we can activate this service for you. 
  15. Click continue after you have read the instructions. Please keep in mind that after we have activated this service for you, this page on your IBN account "Custom Email Service" will change according to your login credentials and more. 
  16. Submit your request 
  17. That's it. You will receive an email from us when everything are set up and running. We will contact you before we send the SMS code, as we have only 2 minuted to verify your identity.