To request a website update, please follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Login your IBN cloud account
  2. Go to menu section 
  3. Select "Request Update" 
  4. Start by filling out this form:
    • Inert your First and Last name (we need it for verification process) 
    • Insert your personal email that we use to contact you 
    • Right down your phone number with the country code like on the sample 
    • Insert your "Client ID". If you don't know what's your client ID please send us a message at and ask us for your client ID. Your name and your website should be shown on this email so that we can verify your identity. 
    • Explain in detail what you want to be changed. (If we have to change images as well, we will contact again in order to provide you with a link where you can upload the images and the graphics so that we make the changes on the website). 
    • Now select the importance of this update 
    • You can upload any screenshoots that can help our developers to resolve any problem or to redesign something. ATTENTION: Please do not upload any images that are related and connected with the update that you request as the compression will brake the resolution and there isn't enough space to upload all your data. (We will send you a link to upload these huge amount of data, even we talk about word files, images, videos etc. This form is only used to request an update
  1. Click at "Send Update"
  2. Please wait until this confirmation message has appeared 
  3. In the next few minutes you will receive a confirmation email from us. The email will be like this: 
  4. Please wait until you receive a second email that includes in details the updates that we will do. If needed, we will send in this email a link to upload your spare files that are required for this update like any images.
  5. Immediately we will Update your status page according to the update that you requested. From there you can see the whole process until the update is finished. You can access your website's status page from HERE.
  6. We will inform you with an email when the update that you requested has completed.