IBN Cloud is a cloud based system from which you can access in a simple way all your website's statistics, the day that your domain name will expire and some important notifications like alerts and problems. For these, you will be also informed via email or through the chat at Samepage (Collaboration System).

We can customise your Cloud Account. This means that we can embed different statistics according to your needs. For example except from your monthly visitors on your website, we can also embed a record of your instagram likes or a timeline of the process that we used to create your website.

Moreover, in IBN Cloud you will find all the invoices that you have signed with us and in general all the invoices that goes through Vasilis Skarleas like the domain name yearly subscription. All the invoices are in *.pdf mode and so are printable and saveable.

If you want to learn more or if you need more details, or in case that you want to request a specific feature in your cloud, please feel free to contact us at accounts@madebyvasilis.site.